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    Running DOS Commands in Provisioning


      I recently upgraded from LD 9.0 to LD 9.6 SP2. I would like to know the best methods to issue netsh commands as actions in OSD Provisioning. We used to issue the netsh commands via the unattend.xml file in OSD deployment in LD 9.0.

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             You can still run those commands via the Unattend.xml in 9.6. Also, if you would like to manage those commands separate from the unattend, you can execute them through an Execute File action. To do this add an Execute File action with the following:


          Target path and file name: %%windir%%\system32\cmd.exe

          Command-line Parameters: /C netsh {necessary command line switches}


          1.    The "double percent" symbols around the "windir" variable are so that Provisioning understands it is an OS variable, and not a provisioning variable.
          2.    The "/C" switch is related to cmd.exe in this case, and makes it so that once the command that follows it is complete, cmd.exe will close rather than stay open possibly causing the task to hang.





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            Excellent information. Thanks a bunch.