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    Install vmware machine with Landesk



      Is landesk support vmware installation, indeed, i was insttaling the vmware client machine ( using vmware server version) and i have the following issues:






      I can't select machine model or type as vmware.



      if i select any of the models and I get a blue screen after the machine are restart.






      is there any step by step to install vmware machine with landesk and WinPE.









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          I'm not sure what you mean by selecting model as vmware...in inventory such a machine will show under System brunch, that it is VMware!



          One possible cause for your bluescreen is, that Windows XP is missing the drivers for virtual SCSI adapter. You said you use a VMware server product and such is using SCSI as the virtual default. So if you use sysprep, just add the mass storage drivers as you would with real hardware.



          If you're not used to the sysprep process, drop a note here and I will try to show you some steps and files.



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