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    Triage system to For Inbound Email

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi All


      We have designed a Triage system in the call domain to allow our service desk to log a call and decide whether or not it is a request or incident using dynamic forms which in  turn will automatically log a Incident or request depending what call type is selected, (Triage process attached)


      We are now investigating turning on inbound mail which we would require it to be triaged but I cannot get a process which will effectively log a call and allow our Service desk to triage to assess if its a Request or Incident.


      Any ideas how I can accomplish a triage process for inbound email and whether or not the triage process attached could n be modified to accomplish this'


      Hope it makes some sort of sense




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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

          Hi Neil,


          The process you currently have depends on a drop down list selection on the record. This selection is filled in before you first hit save on the records so the process knows exactly where to go.

          When you log your record through an email this drop down list will not be filled in and so it will automatically go through the NO route on your decisions and most likely directly land on the Resolved Status.


          So to work around this I would suggest adding in a new decision in the beginning of the process which will ask if the Incident was logged with an email or not? If it's logged with an email you can have the record land on a new status, for example called: "Email". You can then create a query / workload list for your analysts to see all incidents on this status, where they can fill it in and manually select Incident or Request.


          A decision for this could for example look at the "creator user" as any Incident logged via email will status the user used for your Inbound Mail Service.


          I hope that helps.


          Kind Regards,