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    Adobe Creative Cloud - DA


      Hello Everyone,


      I have a brilliant connector with my Software Reseller and I'm wondering how we manage product like Adobe Creative Suite as it's only on the cloud now ?

      So I have monthly or annually fee about it, but it's not a new product or an update :S


      -> Is someone have any idea about how to handle that ?

      -> How do you differentiate new purchase from renewal ?



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          The short answer is that we don't. As of right now SLM and DA can't handle expiring licenses. The same goes for products such as Office 365. There are plans in place to add that as a new feature at some point on the roadmap but for now DA and SLM do not take these types of licenses into account when importing and calculating licenses.

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            Ok, so what would be the guidelines for this type of software ?`


            Acrobat lunch this new model a while ago and we (as SAM) have to handle this new challenge.



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              Unfortuantely I don't have a good answer for that at the moment. Like I said before, SLM doesn't take expiring dates into account. So with that in mind, you would probably have to generate a report that omitts the expired licenses and import that... But if you have licenses that expire after they've been imported then you would have to have a way to remove those licenses from SLM. There's definately manual work involved with preparing this data which doesn't really make for a good solution.


              As mentioned previously this is something that we are currently working on for our ITAM solution. If you'd like to see some information on that solution you can see it at http://itam.landesk.com/

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                Hello Josh,


                Can DA access somehow already imported information about licenses?

                There is field Expiration date, so it can be used to to determine to either keep license or delete it?

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                  This is actually what I was referring to in previous responses. There's a box for it in the UI, but the calculation engine doesn't take it into account. The amount of work needed to make this functional is why we are going to the new itam platform.