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    LANDesk with Jira intergration


      Hi Everyone



      I am currently researching into the capabilities of LANDesk and Jira being
      able to interlink and work together. To paint some light onto the picture, this
      is way things currently work.



      We currently use both systems but for different departments, for example
      support use LD to keep track of all current tickets etc. While our BA's use
      Jira to help manage and prioritise their work and communicate to our Dev team
      and do not log anything through LD. Our hope is for LD to get to a certain
      stage in the process where support could log a ticket then it will be sent over
      to the BA's and a Jira could be auto-populated with all of the information
      entered within the ticket (rather than the support team having to create a Jira
      and manually entering the information). Could something like this work, where
      the LD system could email Jira and send over all of the fields of information
      and vice versa.



      Sorry if I am a bit blunt with what we are hoping to accomplish, as I myself
      are trying to understand both underlying technologies between the systems.