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    Query filter criteria not updating results

    AmyS Apprentice

      Within Request Management we have created an action to Link or Unlink configuration items to a user. The action displays the list of CI's with filter criteria which enables the Analyst to quickly drill down to the specific item they are linking to the user. The issue we have encounterd is when the IT Analyst attempts to filter on any of the fields the result set is not updated.


      I took a look at the queries associated with the Link / Unlink Incidents, Requests, etc actions and don't see anything that's different. Any ideas?


      We are on version 7.7.3


      See screenshot below:



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          smokehead Apprentice



          Did You try push an "Enter" after the selection criteria?

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            AmyS Apprentice

            Yes. Tried that multiple times.


            Also tried filtering on different fields, limiting the number of filter prompts, iis reset, clearing cache / temp files, etc.


            I'm not sure if this is an issue is that the action was created off of a collection based on the Configuration Item object which is where this default query is defined. I saw a couple of older articles regarding an issue with that back in 7.4 or earlier where this wouldn't work unless the window it was using was the default. So we also tried setting the window as the default and that unfortunately did not work either.