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    Different reminder/notifications to a specific assigned group




      I have been asked to look at setting-up sending different process emails to a specific team, mainly as they use an external system which consumes emails sent in a certain way. This will apply to all emails sent throughtout the process.


      I haven't currently started to make any configuration changes on our test environment and have been mulling over the ways to achieve this.


      In my mind I will need to setup a trigger when this group is assigned an I/P/C, either through a calculation (then what I am not sure) or by setting up an event generator.


      If I can help it I don't want to create two sets of reminder windows in the process with two different formats, so I would assume using LPM would be the best way of formatting their specific email content. I haven't used LPM much, particularly for receiving outbound events from event manager so if this cannot be achieved doing this please let me know.


      I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to start doing this?