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    Using Sharepoint document library for distribution point

    derekhamaker Apprentice

      Ok - I know this is a little off; but I feel like the framework might be in place and need some people smarter than me to help put it together.

      The file space that we use to store drivers, images, and packages is limited to 120GB. This is due to a limitation on remote servers since we have been using DFS-R to replicate our files.

      We are currently changing this to use LANDesk replication, so hopefully we can begin to gain more storage soon.

      We are using LDMS 9.6 SP1.


      Until then.... I have an idea...

      We are an O365 shop with E3 license. We have Sharepoint online with document libraries at 1TB each.

      WAN utilization and delivery method recommendations aside, has anyone successfully (or attempted to) place items for deployment (packages and/or patches) in a Sharepoint document library?


      So far, it seems the biggest issue is access. It is against best practice to allow "open access" to Sharepoint online.

      Our LANDesk service account is just a system account and [for now] does not have an O365 license.


      It is certainly early in this thinking, but I'd like to try to hash out some details. I really feel like online storage could greatly benefit our organization (and maybe yours).