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    Avalanche Package Builder and Intermec Mobile Device


      Hello ,

      I want to build with the Package Builder Wavelink a package and send in the Flash (\ CK_FFS) on the terminal CK31c with Win CE 4.2.

      What needs in the Package Builder as (Destination Drive, Destination Folder) are provided so that the packet is transmitted to the CK31c?

      I've "APPS" or "C" tried as Destination Drive, but the package is not transmitted!

      When I select Destination Drive "Windows", the transmission works on CK31c in the Windows directory.


      The following information on the CK31:

      Hardware Version: CK31CB113M402803

      Firmware: Premium

      OS Name: WINCE

      OS Version: 4.20

      MAC 00-19-88-00-d3-8c


      Wavelink Avalanche Package Builder

      Avalanche Premise 6.1 for Windows



      Thank you for your Support!