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    I need to Filter on an Approval Window, if a value was null on the request Window

    noel.lester Employee

      I need to filter out a value on an approval form, IF one of the attributes on the request Window was Null.


      What is the best way to do this?


      In short we have a process to automate folder approval, via Active Directory groups and LPM automating it.


      On the manager approval window we have a drop down with 'Read Only' or 'Read / Write'. But in event of there only being a Read / Write group (so the read only group name attribute would be Null) I want to hide the 'Read Only' option to the approver.


      So in short, if the Read Only Group attribute is Null on the request Window, I want to filter out the 'Read Only' option on the drop down, on the Managers approval window?