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    Single PXE server in a mixed environment of UEFI & BIOS

    tdavenport Specialist

      Currently - All of my clients use a single PXE Server and DCHP Scope options 66 & 67 for PXE booting & provisioning. However, UEFI devices are quickly replacing legacy BIOS devices. These UEFI devices cannot boot to the boot.0 file specified in the DHCP options. The only solution is to change these devices to use legacy BIOS. More problematic is that there are some new devices that are UEFI ONLY.  So the question is, how do I utilize a single PXE server that will support both UEFI and BIOS devices.. According to this article, you can replace options 66 & 67 with Options 43 & 60 and use IP Helpers on your VLANs.

      My questions are this:


      #1. Does LANDESK have an official solution for setting up a single PXE Server in a mixed BIOS/UEFI environment? Is the info in this article the correct approach? If so.....

      #2. What is the configuration for options 43 & 60?

          - Option 43 (Vendor Specific) - If I have a single PXE Server should I just enter the PXE servers IP address in HEX? Are there other identifiers that need to be specified in HEX as well?

          - If my PXE IP address is, my entry looks like this 0x:0A:64:0B:1A.

           - What other data needs to be in this entry?


      #3. Can you do away with these DCHP options altogether and just use IP helpers on the VLAN? Is that sufficient?


      Thank you! Any and all comments are welcome!