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    Emailed report data differs from report saved to share


      Today I ran into a problem with reports that I have emailed to me.  First I built a query to show me who has specific software installed.  When I run that query it returns 191 machines.  I then right clicked on that query and selected "New Report".  If i then run that report it will list out 191 machines.  I then went ahead and scheduled the report (tried pdf, csv and xls).  In the properties of the schedule I had it save it to the LANDesk Reports Share and emailed it to me.  If I view the report on the share in any format it will show 191 machines but if I view those same reports in email it will only show 184 machines.  I haven't tested any other query's or reports yet but on this one I found that the 7 missing devices are all type "Portable".  Has anyone else run into this issue?


      We are running LANDesk 9.6 SP2.