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    Need to know how to setup this:


      1. Disable external USB storage devices,

      2. Disable camera,

      3. Bitlocker enable,

      4. Kill switch on stolen laptop,

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          Peter Massa Expert

          Only on Windows?  What hardware vendor?




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            Hi Peter


            Well first I need to setup a Agent to Disable external devices like USB flash drives we don't want user copying data to this devices.

            can this be done? 

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              Peter Massa Expert

              1. Disable external USB Storage devices:

              a. Create a device control setting under agent settings


              b. Select Storage volumes - then choose No access.  You can also assign exceptions on the right hand side if you need to allow specific flash drives access.


              c. Next select Devices - then choose Interfaces tab - then Block USB if you want to prevent all USB devices from connecting, not just media USB devices.


              d. If you did step c; then you will need to also need to re-enable just the USB mice and keyboard for the device by selecting the Devices tab - then choosing Always Allow for those options.


              e. Create a Endpoint Security setting


              f. Next assign the Device Control Setting to this Endpoint Security setting


              g. Configure any other settings with-in the Device Control Setting and the Endpoint Security setting that you may need.

              h. Schedule the settings to be deployed by click Change settings



              2. Disable camera:

              a. If you do step 1-c above; disable all USB devices, this will also disable internal and external cameras on the devices.


              3. Bitlocker enable:

              a. This is a much larger topic than what can be covered here as there are many different ways to manage bitlocker and are heavily environmentally based on your organization and whether or not you are using tools like MBAM.

              *Note: A general google search should put you in the right direction.


              4. Kill switch on stolen laptop

              a. There are many different approaches to this as well but you will need a Cloud Services Appliance to use them.  Some people use bitlocker and simply remotely wipe the boot sector.  Others actually brick the hardware.


              https://petermassa.com/?p=480 Apple

              https://petermassa.com/?p=475 Lenovo


              Hope this helps,


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                Clear instructions Peter,


                I would recommend to have a look at the LANDESK Encryption (Powered by WinMagic). It is an add-on (in LANDESK Security Suite) so it will cost you more, but there are benefits for IT and your End-users!