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    HTML Format


      I want to write my HTML so it shows the following :




      However I either want to only display the first 10 characters of Impact so "Severity 1" Severity 2 etc


      Or better yet create a condition that if it sees Severity 1 as the impact it shows x Image prior to the Dot & Incident # like a stop light  or Bolds the text in a different color" meaning Severity 1 Red, 2 Orange, 3 Blue and so forth for my 3 Impact Levels

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          So for the Impact, you can truncate down placeholders like this:


          {Impact:10} <-- this should only show the first 10 characters of the Impact.  It will probably put a ... in there at the end because there is more data so you may want to set it to 13.


          To do the second option, you could do something like add another image attribute to Severity and in your HTML code, before the DOT & Incident, just add {Impact/Image2}.  This way it'll always show something since there should always be some type of impact showing I assume.


          Hope this helps out.

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