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    I need to create a report to show how many devices are patched compared to all devices

    GJHorn Specialist

      I am new to LDMS Reporting part. I saw a report in the community which might be what I need but it didn't elaborate on how to post the SQL query text into a report. Does any one know how to do this? I will appreciate all help there is.


      Here is the link to the report I saw https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-30280

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          Sebastien.Felix SupportEmployee

          Hi GJHorn,


          Here are the instructions;

          1- Go in the LDMS Console > Tools > Reporting / Monitoring > Reports

          2- From the section Reports, select Public Report or My Reports depending on whether or not you need other people to access to, then click on the button on the toolbar called 'New Custom Report'

          3- Change the Title and Description

          4- Click on Report Designer button and you arrive on a Designer box

          5- The key here is to add a new DataSet which are the fields from the SQL statement mentioned in the article you talked about

          • On the section bottom right, open "Data Sources" > Right click LDMS > Choose Add Data Set...
          • You can name as you want in General
          • In Query Tab, Copy/paste the SQL statement provided in this article you mentioned and leave Text for the command type
          • NOTE: You can go in the other tabs if you need to but for this example just click on Accept on the bottom right of the "DataSet" window
          • Here we go, you successfully create a new DataSet and if you open it up by clicking on the +, you will see appearing 4 fields - HighOU, CompliantCount, NotCompliantCount, NotScannedCount

          6- From there you can create some charts, tables etc based on the DataSet you have just defined; For that you need to use the ToolBox and drag/drop the thing you need

          • For a chart pie, in Toolbox, drag and drop the Chart onto the report section
          • Select whatever you want (Apparently Chart Pie is not available from there)
          • Right-click the chart which has appeared
          • Choose Chart Type > Pie > Simple Pie
          • Right-click the chart > Choose Properties > Chart window will appear
          • Choose Chart Data > Choose Values > Click on the + button (Add) > Type Compliant Count in Series label (as shown in the printscreen of the article)
          • In Value case, click on the arrow and choose Expression... > in Expression box, type =Sum() > Place your cursor between () > On fields, choose Fields > DataSet you created > Choose CompliantCount
          • And repeat the process for all fields concerned as shown in the printscreens




          I think from there you can handle the rest, but the idea is to create the Data Set and use the Toolbox to design your report.


          And first thing, run this SQL statement directly on the LDMS DB to know if that's the results you attend to.

          I hope it will help,

          Good luck, Sebastien.


          NOTE: The Report landing page given in Reporting leads you to more advanced tools to master the Reporting design tools (Look at section "Advanced documentation")

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