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    Matrix Comparison Of Casper/ARD to LANDesk

    egarlepp Employee

      I have been asked by management  to provide a comparison matrix or documents on how LANDesk stacks up to Apples ARD or JAMF software’s Casper MAC Support Suite. 


      Does anybody out there have such a doc for either suite or all?  Anything would be extremely helpful? 
















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          I also would love to see such a comparison of all three products.  Maybe even include the KACE management appliance as well.  Any thoughts ??









          Andy A.






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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            If there is such a document anywhere (and I don't know - first time I hear of this Casper outside being a movie/film-ghost), these forums would be very much a wrong place for it. We will not be covering competitive/comparative information in this particular forum.


            Thus, please abstain from asking for this sort of thing here - we cannot put it here, even if such a thing were to exist.


            Now - generally for this sort of information you might be well served by contacting your LANDesk sales rep / LANDesk Technical Consultants, they might help you work out any necessary comparisons and provide information as needed.


            However - as mentioned - this forum will not be a place for such exchanges. It's primarily a support / knowledge base, not a competitive comparison resource (which this request arguably is about) :).


            Don't make me lock this thread, eh ;).


            Thanks :).


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Paul, while I understand what you mean by this it doesn't quite apply here. This is a community forum and eric is an existing customer asking his peers if any of them have had to do something like this in the past as it sounds like he is having to justify the landesk investment.


              If landesk have something like this, then the instruction to speak directly to the technical team makes sense since you can't really publish that data, but I'm not sure why the activity in this thread would warrant a threat of locking except for a low risk suggestion that landesk include someone else in a comparison. (Considering how agressive KACE are to LANDesk I think you are being a littel nice, why not let your customers bash them a little for a change?)


              Just a shame for eric that no-one else seems to have had to deal with this.


              Eric, if you end up having to perform the exercise, I for one would be interested in the results although it would probably be a bad idea to post them on this site.


              Mark Star - http://www.marxtar.com


              Home of Power State Notifier & Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk

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                This is very interesting. I understand it's an old post but we are basically in the same position as the original poster. And 2 years later, KACE is going head-to-head with LANDesk very strong. It's just unfortunate to know that helpful hints (not even specific to each compared product) cannot be discussed here just because nobody wants to lose out on the competition, especially on your own forum.


                Regardless of what is said on communities, whitepapers, blogs, etc... the bottom line answer is "IT ALL DEPENDS" on your situation. Only a TRIAL of the product will answer your own question. And that is exactly what we will do with KACE KBOX!

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  It's not about "losing out to the competition" really that motivates the stance.


                  In response to Marxstar's comments (and he raises very good points) - discussions between customers are certainly permitted as such, but usually looked at rather closely, as we don't want things to go out of hand.


                  By and large, the primary purpose of this place is, after all, to be a knowledge base and an exchange of "what works for you"-type stuff in all its shapes and guises.


                  Product comparisons often tend to ... shall we say ... invite bashing one way or another, and this quickly tends to escalate out of hand as a broad rule. People have invested - sometimes quite heavily - time and money into something, so they feel protective about it (when things go well, at least) .


                  This isn't meant to be a "everything is prefect as perfect could be on planet LANDesk" forum by any means - by the same token though, I've never been a friend of the approach of "let's bash the competition to make ourselves look good". If/where there are shortcomings, there's nothing wrong with them being pointed out (obviously we'd prefer a constructive manner) - and we'll do our best to try and address those as is appropriate to the situation.


                  So yes, Marx's comments certianly encourage an exchange of opinion (as long as its rational and based on facts), as long as nothing gets out of hand. It's not going to be a place where "we" will be throwing up competitive stuff though. But as long as things remain civil, with Marx's suggestions, I think this could work out. I'm just cautious after having seen too many a "X is better than Y" type threads blow up into bashing matches on a variety of forums. Thus my ... being a bit cautious, as it were.


                  And yes, the key ultimately is to find "that which suits you best". Point products may be very well better at a certain thing, or another vendor's UI / console-philosophy may work better for you, or it could even be as simple as "well, this is what we can afford", all of which are valid reasons.


                  Certainly a trial for such situations tends to be the best (and I'm sure that there's relevant technical pre-sales folks for all companies involved, who can try to help showcase their relevant software).


                  The "it all depends" is very much true, since EVERY customer is different, EVERY network has its own little peculiarities and politics and so on. There is no pigeon-hole answer, really, beyond checking things out I think .


                  - Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead