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    Static Device group


      Dear all,


      I have an Static Device Group its called "Server Patch Exceptions" in this Group i insert manually Server from my Network to exclude it from a Patchmanagemant.

      Now i have the Problem i have a Dynamic Scope Obejct with an Query this Query search all Server and Devices with Agentname "xy" and will be insert at my List.


      How can i modify the Querie to say search all Devices based on Agentname "xy" included the Exclude the static Group.


      To Example

      Server 1 has Agent Name "xy"

      Server 2 has Agent Name "xy"

      Server 3 has Agent Name "xy" but its in the Static group "Server Patch Exceptions"


      Scope Should be listet --> Server 1 and Server 2


      The Backround is when i Create an Patch-Task i Instert the Scope in to the Target and all Device will be Patched but the Server in  "Server Patch Exceptions" should be skipped



      thank you all