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    Avalanche came pre-installed on new equipment; WHAT IS IT?


      I apologize if this is the dumbest question y'all have ever heard, but I don't know what this software is.  We purchased new Datalogic Elf units running Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.  Among other icons on the Start menu is one labeled 'Wavelink Avalanche'.  If I click it, it tries to 'check TCP' and then complains about not finding an agent.  This is also the response I get when I try most of the 'View' options.  The Menu / Settings option prompts for a password, but I can't find it in the Elf's manual.


      In short, what can I do with this program?  The Wavelink web page isn't really very clear about exactly what it does, describing it in vague, general terms with no details.  Does the app do anything on its own or does it require a server component?  Is there value in leaving this on the units or should I delete it?


      Thanks for any enlightenment.