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    Customize software distribution deferral notification: Empty PackageDescription variable


      Hi there!


      I'm currently customizing the software distribution deferral notifications which are located in \\LANDESKHOST\ldlogon\html (html and javascript files). So far it's working fine but there is one issue I have.


      The value of the PackageDescription variable which I need to display is always empty. It doesn't matter which package I'm deploying. Of course the packages have a description set in LANDesk console.


      To check, I displayed all variables available on the notification window. PackageDescription is the only one which is empty (see screenshot attached). To code I'm using in deferraldeploywithmessage.html looks like:

          <p><img src="images/logo.gif"> </p>
          <p class="style1"><script language="javascript">document.write(GetVariable("PackageName"));</script></p>
          <p class="style1">Description:<script language="javascript">document.write(GetVariable("PackageDescription"));</script></p>   
          <p class="style1"><script language="javascript">document.write(GetVariable("CustomMessage"));</script></p>


      Does anybody have an idea why this happens and how to solve this issue?


      Thank you very in advance much for your answer.