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    LANDesk Active Scheduled Tasks

    carlos Expert

      LDMS 9.6 SP2

      Patch 0706B , 0701A , 0722F

      This is a question about a very old post, has anyone lately been able to run this little app?

      LANDesk Active Scheduled Tasks

      I get an error "loging failed for user...."


      I'm trying to get some additional information regarding the running tasks so I was testing this tool.



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          synsa Specialist

          Have you edited the HTA script and enetered in the required info?  Ensuring that the username and password you've used has access to read the Landesk database?


          I've checked the SQL query appears to be working correctly.  I started a task and shows the correct result.

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            carlos Expert

            Based on the instructions i think I have to edit this line:


            conn.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Initial Catalog=ulddb;Data Source=MySERVERNAME\LDSDATA;UID=Domain\UserName;PWD=************;"


            I connect to the SQL server but I get an authentication error: Login Failed for User "Domain\UserName"

            I think the way I'm entering the user name/password is incorrect, any help on how it has to be entered?


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              synsa Specialist

              Sorry for delayed response.  Don't get on here as often as I'd like anymore.  Is your database using domain / windows authentication?  We use database authentication so I wouldn't able to help from experience but maybe something to check or look into setting up as an alternative.

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                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                You should use your LANDESK DBO account, or for better security, create a SQL account with Read Only rights on the LD database.

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                  carlos Expert

                  The db was created when I installed LANDesk, so the only account is the automatically generated sa.

                  I can connect with my AD account when I open Management Studio but this account doesn't work on the script.

                  I'll try creating a SQL account as you recommend and I'll report back. I have to work on some remote control configurations so I may not have time to test it today.


                  Thanks for your help.