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    Workspace: Remote Control to device outside the network (via CSA)

    carlos Expert

      I have installed the latest patch


      if i access http://myldms.com/my.bridgeit from ANY machine and login, is there a way to see (preferably by default)  the list of devices that my account SCOPE is configured for, and remote control any of the devices assigned to me, and maybe create some tasks as in the web console?

      As right now i get to the Main screen that looks like this:


      I have to go to User/devices and enter "*" to see a list of devices\users :Support mentioned than that is the only way to see the list of devices......


      After clinking one of the devices (LDMSAZURE1)  and I got tot the remote control section the system tries to go to: https://100.73.xx.1xx:4343/ This a is a direct connection, shouldn't It be trying to connect via the CSA?  or how can I configure this? going direct always fails.

      Support: ....."the functionality you are looking for should be there but is not currently functional. I will be working with them on testing and filing a defect if necessary to have the issue resolved if one exists"




      Other Question (support didn't mention anything about this setting, so I still don't know what it suppose to do):


      Can someone explain what is says in this document Configuring Workspaces regarding the connection to the bridgeIT app? i do not fully understand what is trying to say, or i think I do but I do not get anywhere on the new link.

      LANDESK Management Suite and/or LANDESK Mobility Manager

      If using LDMS or LDMO and you have a Cloud Service Appliance the URL changes to http://publiccsaname/RTC/fqdnservername/nameofinstance.  Again, utilizing the example above, it would be http://landeskpubliccsa/RTC/ldserver.ldlab.org/my.bridgeit.

      NOTE: The CSA will only pass through valid URL extensions that have been specified in the BrokerURL table inside the LDMS database. By default, my.fuse and my.bridgeit have been added to the table.  If you have created a unique instance name, you’ll need to modify the BrokerURL table to include the name of your instance.  The format to input is “!/instancename /*”

      To modify the table, open SQL Management Studio, browse to the dbo.BrokerURL table inside the LDMS database. Right click on the table name and select Edit Top 200 rows.  Add the extension “!/instancename/*”


      Connecting to http://PublicCoreName/my.bridgeit takes me to the workspace app from anywhere, inside and outside my network.

      Is the prevoius post telling me that I shouldn't be able to connect to the workspace app if i do not change the link to http://publiccsaname/RTC/fqdnservername/nameofinstance? I tried it  (http://csa.mydomain.com/RTC/xx-xxxx-xx/my.bridgeit) and get a 404 not exist error.




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