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    Dependent Package Detection and Download Question

    WiseGuy Apprentice

      I have a scenario that I am working through:


      - I have a large (3GB) Package (Package A) that I need to push to a number of PCs and run it.

      - Package A is a pre-requisite to another package (Package B) that will be launched by the user from the Portal Manager.

      - I plan to distribute Package A overnight.

      - Users would be instructed to run Package B, at their leisure, from the Portal Manager.

      - Package B would have Package A defined as a Dependent Package with detection. Detection is based on the existence of a file that only exists if it has been run.


      When the user launches the job for Package B in the Portal Manager, it will only run Package A if it has not been run before. All is good with that.


      The issue I have is that the user may not run the package for a while and even though Package A has been run, when the job for Package B is initiated, sdclient will download the file to the sdmcache even though the detection will show it is not required. That is fine for a small package but to download a 3GB package can take a while, especially over a slower connection!  (I know I can set a longer time to keep the file in the sdmcache folder as a workaround but would really like it if that wasn't necessary)


      Is that expected behavior?


      Wouldn't it make sense to do detection before the download occurs?