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    IE Version in Inventory does not work with Query functions

    ecoidan Specialist

      LDMS 9.6 SP2  /  CP_BASE_0722


      Having a query issue:

      The built-in IE Version in the inventory(Browser - Internet Explorer - Version) is having issues with results when I run a query against it.  I created a query to list all systems with IE version < 9.10.9200.16521.  the query returns blank.  I tried < 9.10 and < 9.  Each time the query is blank.  If I set the query to EXIST then it list all systems.


      so I created a new registry key for the inventory to gather,

      Root Key: HKLM

      Key:  Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

      Value:  Version

      Attribute Name:  Browser - Internet Explorer - Version2


      When the inventories come in the Version collected(Browser - Internet Explorer - Version2) is not the version LANDESK is showing in their inventory attribute(Browser - Internet Explorer - Version) .

      When I point the query to my collected value (Browser - Internet Explorer - Version2) the query works exactly as planned. So there seems to be a normalizing of the data collected that LANDESK is performing that my custom registry collection is not doing.  Also it seems that the normalizing of the data is writing the value as a string rather than integer which would effect queries based on <,>,>=, <= functions.


      Not sure if this is by design or a bug.


      Anyone else run into this?