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      we made a test HTML page and run this in the wavelink industrial browser.


      The html looks like this:






      <a href="ida:IDA_BEEP">IDA_BEEP</a>




      <a href="ida:IDA_ERROR_BEEP">IDA_ERROR_BEEP</a>




      <a href="ida:IDA_SCAN_DISABLE">IDA_SCAN_DISABLE</a>




      <a href="ida:IDA_SCAN_ENABLE">IDA_SCAN_ENABLE</a>






      IDA_BEEP does, what it should do. Also IDA_ERROR_BEEP.


      However, the IDA_SCAN_DISABLE has no effect. Is this command depending on any other setting in the wavelink industrial browser?


      Any ideas ?


      Thank you



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          Hello Markus,


          That tag should work. But there are a few items that could help.

          1. If the device you are working with is using Windows Mobile OS, there is an emulation parameter called WEB Alternate Browser Support. This is Disabled by default. Try toggling that to Enabled. (only works for Windows Mobile devices)

          2. In the emulation parameters, there is another WEB setting, called WEB Engine Type. This is set to Enhanced by default. Try setting that to Standard.


          If the problem persists, open a ticket with us at https://support.wavelink.com