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    How do I write a blog post


      So, I'm new in the LANDesk community. I'm trying to write a blog post for my own blog on how to solve a problem I encountered, and it's solution. I cant figure out how to publish, because it needs a "Place" to publish to. It almost sounds like I don't have permissions to do blog entries, in which case, why is that even an option for me to get there?

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          nick.evans SupportEmployee

          Hi jParnell,

          Are you wanting to publish an article to the community (document with break/fix info), as opposed to a 'discussion'/question?

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            TomButler SupportEmployee



            I would honestly create a Discussion for the issue you had and then in a separate reply, you could answer your own issue. Then I can mark it as being correct and convert it to being an article on the community.




            Tom Butler    

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              Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

              You can use our ShareIT section on our community. It will allow you to create documents:

              LANDESK Share IT


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                karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                Hi jParnell


                Thanks for wanting to share what you learnt!


                We found that there was confusion from some customers about creating documents vs blogs vs discussions.  We had a number of customers creating documents (which require approval before they publish) when what they wanted to do was ask a question.  This delayed them getting advice and this is why by default you can only create discussions. 


                I can understand that the ability to create blogs shouldn't be there but unfortunately we can't currently control this and I have raised this as an issue with the vendor.


                Tom's suggestion is what many people do but we can (and do) allow customers to create documents and blog posts.  I'll have a chat with you offline about this.


                Thanks once again,


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                  Everybody: thanks for the heads up. I'm aware of vendor limitations, though it seems to me that would be an easy one to fix (I'm a web developer at heart stuck in a deployment tech's career). I think the place I ended up publishing the document was at Momentum Share IT for Unified Endpoint Management, I had reached out to one of the engineers we had on site training us a few weeks ago and he suggested that.


                  Thus far, I've encountered several incidents where a LANDesk engineer told me "That's not possible", which is an unacceptable answer for me, because if you can envision the logic, you can make it happen, and thus far, I have indeed made it happen (such as conditional scripts that only run if the desired environment is detected, booting the 64 bit WinPE wim in UEFI enable systems without the need to set up bare metal imaging, etc).


                  I believe that my use of a blog or document creation (specifically in the OS Deployment and Provisioning community, as that's the only aspect of LANDesk I touch) would greatly benefit the community, and hopefully get some ideas out there to the Engineers who both create the product and provide on-site training for current / potential customers.