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    Font installation methodology

    brad.e.smith Apprentice

      All, we've recently been asked to install a font set on all of the machines in our network (around 3,000 machines). I've scoured the web and the community but just seem to be more confused than when I began. Here's what I'm working with:

      • we've placed the font set in a centralized location on our software distribution folder
      • we're targeting c:\windows\fonts all our machines
      • we have our landesk service account and the local admin account to work with

      I thought it woud be as simple as finding a way to copy the files to c:\windows\fonts; however, I've read where end users would need to be power or admin users OR there would need to be registry entries.


      Sooo...long story short, how many of you have deployed font sets to 1000+ machines? How did you accomplish this (any details or scripts would be greatly appreciated)?

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          Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi brad,


          I´ve installed and registered a font with LANDESK with following script:


          before you register the font, you have to copy it to the c:\windows\fonts folder.


          I hope this helps you to deploy a font set with LANDESK.


          best regards


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            brad.e.smith Apprentice

            Thanks for that piece of script. I do have questions in relation to it, though.

            1. Was the copy to c:\windows\fonts step handled in a different script or am totally overlooking it here?
            2. What script/software are you using here?
            3. If you were going to execute the same script for a set of 12 font variants, would you simply have 12 iterations in the “register font…” section, one for each font in the set.
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              Hi Brad,


              The script looks like its AutoIT. You could use AutoIt to copy the fonts to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder. Then you could wrap the code segment Markus provided (as well as the copy) into a function and call the function using the font name as a function parameter / attribute. This would keep the script clean, simple, and reusable.