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    Scan continuously on Telnet CE 7.3




      An application requires the that a scanner scan beam be activated continuously.

      The device is going to be mounted on a stand and users will pass bar codes in front of it.

      Does the Terminal Emulation CE 7.3 have a command that places the scan beam into a state of continuous scan mode?

      We are using Motorola MC3090 and MC3190 Devices.





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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



          I believe that style of scanning is generally reserved for kiosk style devices like the MK3000 or for standalone scanners in a designated stand. That kind of scanning generally requires a motion sensor within the scanner engine that will detect movement in front of the scanner window thereby triggering the scanner activation. I am not sure if the MC3XXX series devices possess this ability and I know for sure they were not designed for that kind of use. If there is way to enable this on the MC3XXX it would likely be within DataWedge and not TelnetCE. In that case you'd have to disable TelnetCE as your scanner wedge and use DataWedge instead.