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    Brand new LANDesk 9.6 SP2 core and Bridge IT wont install


      I installed the prerequisite base patch and rebooted but when I tried to install  the Bridge IT patch it gets to the end and throws an error. Has anyone seen this yet? 


      Pending file rename operations...

      ERROR: UpdateComputers exiting with 1 Error(s)
      Incorrect function.

        CommonCore.inf: (0x00000001) Install Only Files\LANDesk.Common.RunMethod.exe assemblyFile%SPEQUAL_SIGN%"LANDesk.Install.Common.Actions.dll" Class%SPEQUAL_SIGN%"BridgeIT" Method%SPEQUAL_SIGN%"UpgradeInstances" commandLine%SPEQUAL_SIGN%"UpgradeCommand",60000


      Exiting with Return Code: 1

      End Done