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    Need to delete a Response Level

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      I have a response level that was the default OOTB and has been applied to about 400 tickets (just by default).  I was never really configured and now I have new ones that are being used and I want to remove this one completely.  I don't care about the other tickets having in on there.  When I try to delete it though it says it's still in use.  Does anyone know of a way to get this out so I can have a clean SLA Response Level set?



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          Hi Jamie.
          You would first have to update those ticket's Response Level which you want to delete , Set it to any other Response level .


          If it is the Incident's Response level that you want to delete, check for the im_response_level_guid column in im_incident table.
          Similarly, rm_response_level_guid column for Request in rm_request table.

          When the response level has been changed, there will be no tickets using that response level. Then you can delete it.

          Hope it helps