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    PXE Boot Menu always a headache!

    JSMCPN Expert

      Running version 8.8 Gold


      I keep running into trouble because we have so many OSD scripts (2-3 scripts per site, 60 sites and growing), and I can't keep them organized due to limitations (and probably a BUG or two) in the software.


      It appears that I can only have 18 items in any single parent folder.  I can live with that.  What I CAN'T live with is the console prohibiting me from moving a script from one folder with 18 items to another folder with 4 items without an explanation.


      I'm sure it's not SUPPOSED to be that way, but I have run into this behavior numerous times.  I get a "NO" cursor icon when dragging an item to one place, but not another.  The only way to deal with it is delete the whole parent folder that is problematic, re-create it and it's subfolders, and start dragging scores of scripts ONE BY ONE from the OSD tab to the PXE Boot tab.  The Console will not let you drag multiple OSD scripts to the PXE Boot Menu tab, which doesn't make sense to me at all.  I can drag 10,000 computers to a task but I can't drag 2 scripts to a folder?!


      Buuuuuuuut, then again this will all be a moot point in 2 years   By that time, we will have all but a few distant buildings connected via dual 10-gigabit fiber links back to our datacenter and I can go from 180 OSD scripts down to about 2.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - If I were you, I'd throw a copy of the DB against your test environment and install SP1 - see if the problem still happens.


          If it is a bug/defect, we'll only be able to provide a post SP1 fix (Though I've not heard of this sort of issue myself so far, as far as memory serves).


          That said, if you're comfortable with SQL, you can hop into the database and forcibly shift the scripts' location around.


          If the Console is running into errors, it will log them into the CONSOLE.EXE.LOG - so what you can also do is:


          1 - Delete the CONSOLE.EXE.LOG wherever you use it.

          2 - Launch the 32-bit Console.

          3 - Do your script-moving attempt. Watch it not happen.

          4 - Open up the CONSOLE.EXE.LOG - if there's any exceptions or so that we capture, they'll be in there.




          remembers something


          ... actually, the PXE boot-menu COULD be just a flat file that you need to edit ...  looks


          Ah yes - here we go. Thought that some ancient memory crept up...


          Check this out - In "
          YourCore\LDMAIN\landesk\files\" haul "dosmenu.cfg" into NOTEPAD. Yes, it says "DOS", but it's the general config-file for the boot-menu (all OS's - Dos, Linux and WinPE) - the name's historical from when we "only" did DOS.


          The structure is pretty simple to figure out ... no SQL involved, you can just try to shuffle things about if needed.


          In your case. I would suggest looking at the file on a test system first ... it will probably be easier to look at and reverse engineer, as it were :).


          (I remembered this, as I once had to create a massive boot menu, and it ended up being faster writing the CFG-file straight out)


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            JSMCPN Expert

            Paul, I already tried editing the DOSMENU.CFG file, but the changes don't seem to reflect in the Console.  For example, if i have a structure like this:









            And I change ITEM2's parent folder ID number to that of PARENT2, close the Console and re-launch it, ITEM2 remains in PARENT1.

            I think the DOSMENU file is ONLY for the PXEMENU once booted into your PE environment, which is why one has to click the UPDATE button to generate the new CFG file, while the actual hierarchy is stored in the databse.


            As for the drag'n'drop problem, nothing is logged in the Console.log, likely because it's not an error within the 32-bit Console.

            Using the same example above, lets say I want to move ITEM1 to PARENT3.  When I drag ITEM1 over PARENT2, I get a "PLUS" symbol on my arrow cursor, but when I land on PARENT3, the arrow cursor changes to the circle-slash symbol even though PARENT3 doesn't have 18 items in it.  If I delete PARENT3 and create it again, the Console will (usually) let me add items to it.


            I have experienced this behavior in various SP levels of 8.7 as well.




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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Oh I see what you're after.


              Hacking the DOSMENU.CFG will change the bootmenu for clients "right away".


              If you want to change it "comfortably" from and have those changes reflected in the Console, the table you want to change is the PXEMENU table.


              Which again is pretty straight forward if you just look at it on a client with (say) 1-2 PXE scripts, before braving your "full on" PXEMENU-table :).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.