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    Event Manager not processing the events table

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hi All


      I'm testing Event Manager and seem to have everything set up correctly but i can't get the event manager service to poll the event table


      1) Service and applicaiton are ok and running

      2) i can replicate an event to send to the event manager server

      3) postevent.exe sends an event to the Event object (ev_event table) 2 events are in the table; a password reset success and a failure

      4) Polling Schedule is set up and set for every 2 minutes

      5) My Network Source (Event Source) is set up and enabled.

      6) I have 2 event definitions set up which both test correctly with the test events in the table

      7) The mapping is set up only for title and description

      8) I have a template set up for a password reset process but there is no "Raise User" mapping. Password is enabled


      So the Is Processed attribute never changes from false and no incidents are created. i don't get anything in the log which is set to Everything


      I can't think of anything else to check!


      Help appreciated as always







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