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    List of Approvers for Request


      Hi all,


      Is there any way that I can get a list of all possible approvers (people within a role that has been assigned a request) for a given request within the request itself? Is that data stored in the request or is it just the role name that's stored and the people within the role are looked up, based on the role name, in another business object? I'm currently trying to make a wincalc attribute that displays all the people within a role that has been assigned a request, and so far, the only attribute I've gotten to that relates to my issue gives me an error saying that it is "query-only" and doesn't actually return a value.


      Thanks in advance!

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          You can get a list up of all the Users in a particular group by creating the filter on your User Object. You can then filter it by Role, using a criteria of: "Roles.Role Is Equal To (<<ROLENAME>>)"


          The bit that will be difficult is to only see users that have a request assigned as there is no link from the User to the Request Assignment Object. You might be able to create some form of calculation on the user object that will update with the amount of request assignment and then use this as a criteria in your query / filter. However this is not something that I have tried and is just from the top of my head.


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