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    Unknown contents in XML file




      I am trying to Import a XML file into a server's Inventory.  I have created the following XML file:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      <Row> </Row>

      <Cabinet> </Cabinet>

      <BU name="Bottom Unit"> </BU>

      <LS name="Last Submission"> </LS>

      <AM name="App Manager"> </AM>

      <Tier> </Tier>

      <PAA name="Primary App Analyst"> </PAA>

      <Location> </Location>

      <AN name="Application Name"> </AN>

      <AI name="Additional Information"> </AI>

      <CD name="Commission Date"> </CD>

      <PS name="Patching Schedule"> </PS>

      <SBB name="Server Built By"> </SBB>

      <VC name="VMware Cluster"> </VC>

      <VV name="VMware vCenter"> </VV>

      <SAA name="Secondary App Analyst"> </SAA>

      <IT name="IS Team"> </IT>

      <IDC name="In Data Center"> </IDC>



      When I try and import it, I get the message "Unknown contents in XML file"


      I have just tried it with the root <Inventory></Inventory> but that also fails.


      How do you import a XML file into the Inventory?  I can create a New String, but I have many Linux servers that I would need to do that for.