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    Telnet emulator 7.3 - session block




      Our warehouse logistics are handled through an internal ERP application ensuring a proper flow of the reception and distribution of auto parts.

      For this purpose we use around 110 mobile terminals with barcode scanners (RF Guns) of which 50 are deployed in the central warehouse.

      The models used are:

      Motorola MC2100

      Datalogic Falcon X3

      Datalogic Skorpio


      In the central warehouse we are currently using 50 Motorola MC2100 scanners with Windows CE 6.0 operating system. As an emulator we are using Wavelink Corporation’s Telnet version 7.3.63 for Motorola MC2100 terminals.

      Lately, the following problem began to manifest itself:

      On a daily basis every Motorola MC2100 device suffers one or more unexplainable telnet session blocks.

      When this happens, the terminal cannot interact with the application any more, the keyboard stops working and after a few minutes the display shows the "disconnected session" message. The terminal’s log doesn’t record any loss of connection to the access point.

      The Access Points are all newly acquired from Motorola in order to ensure maximum compatibility between them and the mobile terminals.


      Our question is:

      To what extent the Telnet emulator may influence these session blocks, taking into account the following:


      1. Telnet version

      2. Certain parameters of the telnet configuration

      3. “Avalanche Enable” configuration – we are using the Avalanche platform version to manage our terminals

      4. Having a large number of sessions (high load) on an Access Point.


      Can you please help us with any idea in tackling this problem? Is there a log monitoring tool that can help us to identify the cause of these problems?

      The situation is very critical and this seriously influences the process of delivery and reception of goods.


      Thank you,


      Florian Baloi

      [email protected]