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    Workstations are reporting they have Adobe Acrobat installed when it isn't, Causes incorrect Reporting of number of Licenses being used.


      Here is the story so far.....


      SLM is reporting that we have XXX amount of Adobe Acrobat installations. This number seems high. So I would look at some individual machines and notice that the software will NOT be located in "Inventory/Software/Add Remove" BUT it will show up in "Inventory/Software/Products"


      When looking at the workstations C:drive programs, they do not have that version of Adobe Acrobat installed. They may have NO installations of acrobat or they will have a Newer versions installed with the old version still in "Products" but not "Add Remove" of the inventory.


      So the questions is, how do I get SLM to not report an uninstalled version of adobe acrobat? This hurts us because we think we only have XX amount of licenses available but actually have XXX available.


      Also, I assume some will tell me to make a query in LANDesk and use that in the SLM, and by all means let me know, I have some that work just there are some machines that still are reporting incorrectly. If there is no way around it but using a query then I will be fine with that knowing that is the answer that everyone would take themselves.