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    Hard drive is running out of space - how to turn off downloaded patches?




      After installing LANDesk 9.2 onto Windows 2012 server, the patches it's downloading have filled up the disk drive space for patches.


      We want to move the location to another drive, whichHow to change the default Patch Location for Patch and Compliance Manager says how to do. Before we do that, we also want to limit the downloads it's doing.


      I've gone to tools->Security and Compliance->Patch and Compliance->The Download Updates option.


      It only lists a few options (Landesk Anti-Virus Updates, Microsoft Windows Defender and Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities), however the directory lists a lot more files. We don't want things like Microsoft Office 2007 updates for example. Where do I turn that off, or get a more detailed list of what patches or drivers LANDesk is downloading?