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    What happens when a maintenance license expires

    Stephan.Claus Rookie

      What happens when maintenance license (5.3) expires on a Avalanche 6.1 installation.

      Do these 5.3 licenses stop working then ?


      Thanks in advance.


      Stephan C

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          Hello Stephan,


          When maintenance licenses licenses expire on Avalanche 5.3 - 6.1, your production units will not have any change in behavior. Registered Maintenance licenses are required when an older Avalanche Server hosts devices with newer enablers.

          IE: Avalanche 5.0 Server and Devices with a 5.3 Enabler. These devices require both, a Maintenance and a Base license.

          Avalanche Servers on 5.3 and higher do not have this need, since ruggedized devices do not have an enabler higher than 5.3.x


          Best Regards