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    Install Software if user is inactive




      Is there a possibility to install certain Software only, if user is inactive (lock screen or screen saver).




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          timtamtoolips SupportEmployee

          Hi Arnaud,

          The ability to limit the actual install of a package unless a user is logged off is not currently an option.

          There are 2 options that Distribution packages can have defined for what to do if users are logged off. These are located in the Distribution and patch settings | distribution-only settings | logged off user options. The options are:

          • Continue installation
          • Fail installation

          This would allow you to prevent installation if the user was logged off, but if you choose 'continue installation' it will allow the install during a logged off user, as well as if the user is logged in.


          If the concern is rebooting while a user is logged in, you can setup reboot settings that will only reboot if a user is logged off for x # of minutes. Then when you schedule a distribution package to install, you can set the reboot settings to the one that reboots if user is logged off.



          In most circumstances, the concern users have is rebooting clients so adjusting the reboot settings for the task would address this.

          If however you have a package that is resource intensitve while it installs, and you only want to have it install if the user is logged off that is not natively available currently.

          You could potentially write a batch file that loops and if a user is logged in, it runs a 'wait/sleep' else if user is logged off it could execute the package file you are installing. This option could likely get you the exact thing you are after, however the scripting would fall on you to write and validate.