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    Prompting or presenting a dialog box to the end user during a batch distribution




      My organization is currently in the process of migrating our numerous installation bundles from our ZCM environment into our new and growing LDMS 9.6 SP2 environment.


      This migration includes a large number of already written batch deployments that we will need to modify to take advantage of functionality in LDMS. Understanding Batch File Distribution Packages has been very helpful.


      Unfortunately there are a significant number of these scripts that depend on Nircmd's great infobox or qbox functionality to prompt or notify the user during the delopyment if necessary.


      For example, we have a batch script that will install a particular MS Word plugin. Word must not be running for the install to work, so in the script will check to see if Word is running. If it is, we prompt the user with Nircmd asking them please save their work and close Word. With ZCM, this prompt would be visible to the user even if the script were running as SYSTEM. In LDMS, this dialog box appears outside of user land and the script stalls waiting for input that it will never receive.


      I realize that this will probably require a shift in the way we do things. For example, we could prompt the user ahead of time when they launch the install from the portal and fail the install if Word is still running. Not ideal, but workable.


      That said, is there any way at all to interact with the user during a batch distribution?


      Thanks for your help!