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    DL Skorpio X3 & Avalanche 5.3 SE: DL DCU Option "Spot Beam" is missing / not configurable


      Hello from germany,


      i am new to Avalanche and i tried to config a first device (Skorpio X3, WM 6.5) completely with Avalanche SE 5.3.

      Now i run into the problem, that the decoding option "spot beam" is not available in the DLDCU options (v.2014.006) in Avalanche SE, but of course on the device itself.

      We need this option to config the "aiming-dot"-function, which is needed to help scanning barcodes which are far away under the ceiling of the factory building.


      I found some settings like "target mode" and so on in "Imager Options", but nothing behaves like the original "Spot Beam"-setting, which is available directly on the skorpio x3 device.

      Any ideas on that topic ?