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    Add assignment based raise user


      I need to auto add assignments when an Incident is logged by a specific user account, The incidents are logged by email.


      I tried adding a decision based on raise user = <user.name> this adds ok to the process but when I save the process I get an error;


      Maximum Process Length Exceeded.


      Firstly am I using the correct method for auto assigning incidents based on who they are logged by? If yes then any idea what this error relates to?

      Is there a limit to the number of decisions you can add to a process, only have about 7-8.


      Any Ideas welcome


      Thanks, Gareth

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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Hi Gareth, you are doing it the correct ( only?!) way. 


          And it's working. But something is causing the error.  Getting the error in a process usually means you are filling in a field with data which has mor chars than the field allows.  Often this happens when you value type of insert a few different attributes into the assignment or reminder Title field.  You can trim aim inserted field by adding : and adding the number you think is reasonable eg {Title:50}.


          If you switch on Error in your diagnostic logging for the application you are using (lifecycle processing) you should be able to see exactly which attribute it is failing on.


          Also try logging an exact copy of the email manually and see what you get

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            Mariusz.Maniak Expert



            I see sometimes error "Maximum Process Length Exceeded" when saving process or calculation, and for me it is enough to reload process designer and process, and do changes again and quickly

            Looks like this error appears sometimes if editor is opened to long without saving. But I have this problem only on two from about 12 instances.


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              Still no update on this. Tried adding quickly same error. Not sure the too many characters inserted into a field as Its not inserting data into a field just reading it for and If statement.


              I have tried a decision against other attributes they save fine, I have tried other user accounts to check same error.

              Logged with support but they have gone silent, no feedback for a few days.


              I can't switch on debugging as its SaaS so working a bit blind. Any other ideas appreciated.

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                Increasing IIS Maximum Request Length Value


                GarethReeves Try using the link above.  We get the same error when saving changes to a couple processes in the Incident module.  I have successfully used the config change many times and when I do not use it, I get the same error.  So, as part of standardized process, I have a couple configs already set for different things.  One of them is a MaxRequestLength.config that I swap in and out at the appropriate folders.


                Give it a try.