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    Landesk Management Console Database


      Hi!  We recently setup a new server to host the 9.6 SP2 install and have installed it and upgraded a copy of our 9.5 database to go along with it.  I have been doing testing over the past few weeks, and I have noticed that the list of devices that came from the database (as it was an upgrade of production one) have disappeared.  I was hoping to keep the list of machines in this newly upgraded database to make it simpler to push the new agents too (since we have a few variations).  Do they just drop out if they don't check in during a certain window? Is there a way to get them back without having to rebuild the server - connect to a new copy - and start the upgrade over?

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          Sounds like under Configure - Services - Inventory you had 'Days to Keep Scans' set to non-zero. This deletes machines that have not updated inventory for a while.


          Is the new server a different name? If so, then old clients won't report to it.


          Is your old core still around? If so, then use it to perform the upgrade or at the very least send an inventory scan script that will force a full sync scan to the new core.


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            Due to the old server being 2008 R2 we set-up the new core on 2012 so the in place upgrade wouldn't work.  Can you give me info on how to do an inventory scan script to force a full sync to the new core? That sounds like it might be the perfect answer!  Thanks!

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              You need to change the "store scan" parameter for the inventory service.

              Copy the scan files from LDscan/storage folder of the old server to the scan folder of the new.


              You'll have all the inventory in your new server.


              You can create a windows task to copy the files from the old to the new server.