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    Agent policy update, installed application evaluation and more

    jhedelin Apprentice



      1. I want my Landesk clients to update policy and check if their is a application to download and install every hour.

      I think i have found this setting under (Distribution and Patch) -> Policy Sync schedule, is this correct?


      2. When creating a schedule task for an application, and i want the deployed application to evaluate 1 time / day that it is installed.

      What settings should i use? In schedule task i have found under (Task settings) -> (frequency) that you could choose (once, houry, daily, weekly) is that an evaluation of a application?

      or is it under (Schedule task) where you can set (Repeat every: hour, day, week)


      As long as the application is detected Landesk will not install it again? Correct? Or will some of this setting override the detection?




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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee


          There are a few options to address your questions:


          1 - Yes. The Policy Sync schedule will control the frequency at which the client machines will check with the Core Server for new policies. Every hour is quite aggressive and can lead to a lot of work for your Core Server, along with accompanying network traffic. Additionally, client machines will sync any time the Software Portal is opened or refreshed. It is also run if the machine is sent a task to be run immediately.


          2 - Are you referring to some kind of enforcement or state control? By default, that isn't normally how Software Distribution works. You can set up detection, but once a package is installed, it is not re-evaluated. The "Frequency" setting is how often the package should be run on the client, however I'm not sure that it includes any package detection. The "Schedule Task" setting is how often the Core will run the task, sending it to all the clients in the target list. For policies, this isn't really helpful, as any machines that are added to a running policy automatically make the policy available to the machine without requiring a restart of the task. This is not what you want.


          One thing to consider, if you are trying to enforce state, would be to use Custom Definitions in the Patch Manager tool. There you can set up much more complete/complex detection rules that determine if the software is installed. If it is not installed, then the definition would be "Detected" (meaning NOT installed, or out of state) and then the repair would be the installation package. Those definitions could be scanned on a regular basis, and Autofix could be used to automatically install the software if it is missing.


          Hope that helps!

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            jhedelin Apprentice

            Ok, so if i set the frequence to one task (Adobe flash player) to daily, will the client check för new policies just for that task? Or for all my task schedules?

            Shouldt that be a more generally setting? Lika a agent setting?


            All my task on coreserver are now running Policy-Push reapated 13:00 every day to all my client.

            If the software is detected the push installation will just say "Success"


            Maybe its better to set the frequency to daily instead?