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    Sending notifications to tickets logged under the guest user




      First post, so hello all!


      We have guest portal members of the public can use to submits tickets into the Call Management module.  An acknowledgement email is sent to the guest based on the email address they provide in the self-service portal.  This works ok.


      From here an support analyst triages the ticket into the incident or request module and it is processed as normal.  However all the notifications from these processes email the raise user, which on these tickets is the Self Service Guest account rather than the address entered by the customer, meaning the emails don't arrive. How would people typically manage this scenario?


      We have similar functionality whereby if our Service Desk analysts take a call but customer cannot be found in our list of users (for example, if they are brand new to the business), which tick a 'user not found' box and manually type in their details. In this scenario the ticket is also logged under the Self Service Guest account and the contact details are stored on the ticket.  This works fine until you need to send a notification, when again the Raise User self service guest is used and to retrieve the email rather than the one which was entered.  The customer therefore doesn't receive the email.


      Thanks for any help.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          You can add functionality into you process to make an "add CC action" available in your process; See page 135 of the LDSD Administrator guide for the steps to setup.


          Once you've implemented this it would be reasonably straightforward to spot these guest raised incidents via a process condition and branch off through an automatic action that adds a CC recipient as the email address captured on the main form.  Then whenever the raise user is notified by email the CC recipient (real user will also get a copy).



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            Thanks Julian,


            That's given us some direction.  We do have some 'Add CC admin' functionality created within our implementation already so we're looking at replicating that in the relevant processes.  So it seems to be that once you add a CC address to a particular ticket in a process, all notifications from that ticket will copy in the CC address for the life of the ticket.  At least we're hoping that's what happens.  I'll update this as we progress.


            Thanks again