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    what causes a landesk 9.6sp2 client to lose its csa certificate?

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      This is for a Windows 8.1 tablet that has a few connection possibilities - network and broadband. It was configured at our headquarters where the Core and CSA reside. Landesk communications via network and broadband were verified and the CSA certificate was installed on the tablet. The tablet was not in a domain at HQ. Once it was shipped to its remote office, we were able to remotely manage via Landesk Remote and then placed the tablet into an AD Domain. We are pretty sure we were able to reconnect with the tablet after adding into the AD Domain and help the final user setup their desktop. At a subsequent restart, firewall settings were enabled that blocked many communications. We were able to disable the firewall settings and gain a Remote Control connection, but the tablet lost its CSA certificate. Running Brokerconfig again, it cannot retrieve the CSA certificate. The remote office has desktop computers that are happily communicating with the CSA. The tablet is able to connect with the CSA's website.


      What causes a Landesk 9.6sp2 client to lose its brokerconfig / csa certificate?