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    First Time Fix Report/Query

    mburton147 Apprentice

      Having some trouble trying to get a report showing the FTF for the desk and there doesn't seem to be much on the community for this.

      We're looking to have a simple report showing the FTF rate for the desk based on the creator and resolver being the same and resolved within 30mins of opening. Does anyone have any idea how I can create this as a report?

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          elizabethcombrink Employee

          Hi , you can do this in crystal reports, but the easiest way is to create a new Boolean on your incident which is updated at resolution and checks to see if the resolver is the created by user and the time elapsed (using the get businesstime function) is less than 30 mins


          You may also want to consider what the impact on your definition of FTF is when you do self service.  The created by user will be the customer and not an analyst...