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    How do I get the MSDN Suite coverage to work


      Hi All,


      We use Data Analytics / SLM for Software Compliance.


      Does anyone know how to configure the DTS rules / Active directory so that the users with MSDN subscriptions will have their deployed software covered in the compliance calculations?


      Its my understanding that this capability is in the product.


      To be specific we have 69 software engineers with one of the 3 MSDN subscription flavors (Pro, Premium, Ultimate) .  As such they have the rights to put out a lot of brand new Microsoft software that we have not purchased under our general EA agreement with Microsoft.   The limitation is that they can only put it on their own PCs and development servers.


      So right now when we look at our SLM compliance reports it looks like we are out of compliance when we are not.   How do we configure DA / SLM to show those licenses as covered by the MSDN sub but limit it to only PCs / Servers for which the software engineers have a login?    Can we define development machines in AD and have LANDesk reference that container? 


      In other words what the secret sauce to make all of this work?    


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.