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    Script to replicate only one share ?

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      I have more than 100 content replication tasks, and i want to replicate only one source path.
      In UI console, i can right clic/start content repication only on selected source path, but how to do the same with a scheduled tasks or a batch ?

      A scheduled task replicate all sources for the specified target, this is not a solution.


      I found in C:\ProgramData\vulScan\FileReplicationSettings.xml (found on client) that each source has a ID, but I don't know which switch can be used with vulscan.exe to put with.



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          You can actually schedule the content replication using the console. When you right click on the Preferred Server in the Content Replication window.


          If you want to have a script that does it, then we would recommend that you use something like a batch file or powershell script that uses Robocopy.

          Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver you such a script as we already have an integrated feature for it.


          I know though that you can ask for Professional Services if you want them to implement it for you.

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            In others words : in content replication / pending tasks, when you right clic on a task, you can launch it manually.

            -> What exactly is the executed command ? (vulscan.exe /..........)

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Open task manager on the machine that will perform the replication. In the processes tab add a colum. that show command line (this may be via View or by right-clicking the columns depending on OS version).


              Now from the core manually initiate the replication.


              If there is a command line that you can use then you should be able to see it in task manager. I can't get access to check any of this out right now but this might do the trick. Hopefully it is a single command.


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                v.taillet Apprentice

                Hi Mark,


                Great help !! Thanks to that, I saw that the switch /sources exist

                So i have modified the script to :

                REMEXEC1=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\Vulscan.exe<qt/> /replicate /replicationbehavior=default /sources="24" /taskid=%TASKID%, STATUS


                Thank you