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    How do I associate an Action Instance with a Business Object in the Process Designer


      Good Afternoon,


      I would really appreciate it if someone could help with this problem I'm having when trying to add a new Action to an existing Request Management process.

      I need a new action which will allow the user to add additional info in a window and then change the status of the request.

      The new status will be With Third Party and the info I need to display on the window will be the Request ID and Title, Updated Date, Updated By, and Description.

      Request ID and Title will be automatically populated.

      The user will input the details of the third party in the Description box.

      The Updated By and Updated Date will be automatically populated.


      These are the steps I've taken so far.

      1) Object Designer: Create new With Third Party business object under Request Management with the attributes listed above. Save.

      2) Process Designer: On Business Objects tab, create new With Third Party action under Request Management. Set "Allow Association With Window" to true. Save.

      3) Window Manager: On Business Objects tab, select With Third Party and click on New Window. Auto-populate Window with all Attributes. Click Set as Default. Save.

      4) Process Designer: On Processes tab, deactivate the process I want to add the new action to. Click on Toolbox and drag an Action Instance onto the process diagram. From the Select Action dialogue box, select With Third Party action from the list. Save.


      Now when I double click on the With Third Party action instance, it doesn't open my new window. It opens the window that we use to create a new Request. If I close this widow then right click on the With Third Party action instance and choose Modify Action Window, it only allows me to choose the windows that have been created under the Request business object. I then tried right clicking on the With Third Party action instance and choosing Modify Action Object - this opens the Object Designer in a new window and I can see that the Request business object is associated with the action instance, but even if I select the With Third Party business object in this window and click Save, next time the Request business object is still showing. Am I missing a step somewhere? I would appreciate any and all help! Many thanks in advance!