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    Question regarding client update detection



      I have recently upgraded our 8.8 core to SP1. I figued I would then be able to go into Security and Patch managment and repair all the deteced clients that need the agents updated. The problem is that with over 5000 nodes I am only showing around 20 machines or so that need to have the agent upgraded. This number is obviously way off. So my question is, what mechanism is used to detect clients that need updating? Is this detection done during a full inventory scan or is it done during a vulnerability scan. If it is detected during a vulnerability scan, that brings me to my next question. We have not purchased the security suite from LANDesk. We did purchase AV and are using it but for windows updates and patches we have a WSUS server in place. I show none of my nodes having done vulnerability scans and I would imagine that to be the case without us purchasing the security suite.



      So, could someone confirm how the detection is done? And if it does happen with vulnerability scans, why would I even show the 20 or so clients needing the SP1 update when they have not had that type of scan?